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Photography and Video Creation service

About Me

Hey there! This is Clark Vinoya, your Content Creation Coach and welcome to my ground!

I'm a photographer and I've been in creative production industry for the past 7 years and with all of my technical experience, I gather and tailored made a structure and workflow that you can apply in creating content.

My strength on this industry is video content and live contents. Because of my high energy once I hit that RECORD or GO LIVE button, I can transfer this energy to you and we can engage together!

With that said, I establish Content Creation Coaching program that I called Creator's Underground. Inside this programI will help you build your structure and workflow and be able to launch your on brand and contents as a creator!


If you think you have something to offer from your creative mind that can add value to others and you want to put it out there, I'm encouraging you to produce it and make a difference! You'll never know who you can touch and change lives!

I am also an alumnus of the NAS Academy in The Art of Storytelling, Photography Mastercourse and the Creator Business School!

During my scholarship in Nas Academy I was able to validate most of what I got to offer inside my program.  With that said, it motivates me to push through and through about to help aspiring creators like you to launch your brand!

So, be part of my Free Private Facebook Group to learn and start your journey with me together with other aspiring creators like you!




What People Say About My Service

This 5 Day masterclass is everything that you need to launch your online brand as a creator with an effective structure and workflow!

I've been attending other trainings/seminars asking about our why but they never really helped me with the process. With Clark, he tried to dig deep and help us know our why.

-Summer, Essential Oil Distributor

I learned a lot especially in doing Food Photography, I learned that lighting is very important. Before, I usually place my subject near the window so that the color will pop-out. All the things that I learned from Clark during the class, it gained me an additional knowledge on how to create my content. And what amazed me he is not just teaching, he even check our outcome of our works as his students. He even visit our existing Youtube channels and Facebook pages to check what's need to improve.

-Shine, Baker/Mom

In five days, what I have learned here is for you to be brave to face the changes, and know that I'm not alone on these challenges as a Content Creator because I have a companion like Clark.

-Cacai, Mom/Teacher

I enjoyed the class. Learned a lot.

I am glad I joined because I have a plan to improve my content more on to my passion and expertise which I have not been doing much. What he shared helped me validate that my decision is correct to transition to my passion and expertise and not only what the public wanted. I drafted a plan and glad to hear what he shared. It is a strong confirmation for me to pursue my plan.

I love how he emphasize how our skills set can be a solution to other people's problem /challenges, that we may use as our content.

-Jamey, Global Communication Excellence MasterTrainer

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